Quality Assurance
Our quality system is ISO9000 certified and implemented to work all the way through the sample design, incoming material inspection (IQC), manufacturing (IPQC), and final inspection (OQA) stages. At the sample design stage, accurate interpretation of customers’ specifications and economical design is assured by our prompt and effective communication with you. The incoming materials are subject to inspections and are UL/CSA Recognized, when applicable, to assure the compliance of our rigid quality requirement. Clear working guide is posted at the corresponding positions of the manufacturing stages for quick and easy reference to avoid mistakes. Routine in-process inspection and verification is undergone to prevent and correct data deviations and workmanship defectives. 100% final inspection and verification is undergone for quality assurance. In addition to the quality control policies, training programs and lectures by the professionals in the field, and review and evaluation meetings are routinely provided to both new and existing staffs and workers to maintain their expertise and to upgrade and improve product quality. Thus, our products are consistent in performance and optimal in design.
Sample Requests

When we receive your specifications and request, we will undergo thorough analysis. When necessary, we will contact you to confirm our interpretation of your specifications. Then, we will determine, by computer programs and/or manual calculation, the most economical design that will best meet your specifications and application. If you request, we will provide you the estimated prices before making samples based on our analysis and interpretation of your specifications. Otherwise, we will provide you the precise prices after your engineers have approved the samples we have submitted to you. Our specifications together with the samples you requested for will be sent to you for your approval purpose in about 10 working days from the date of your instruction.


Your purchasing orders will be processed only if all pages of the specifications we have submitted to you with the samples are carefully verified and signed by your authorized official with company chop and returned to us. If you need to work with us on Just-In-Time Program, please feel free to arrange this with us.